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Shimano Ultegra goes 11 speed

May 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Shimano has launched an 11-speed version of its popular Ultegra groupset.  Muchas XT is to XTR in the MTB world, Ultegra is to range topping Dura-Ace.  Durable, with great quality and many of the features of Dura-Ace but at a more accessible price point, Ultegra is a really great product.  Now available in 11 speed for when you just need that one more gear ratio…



Today SHIMANO launches its 2014 Ultegra lineup. The new 6800 series incorporates race proven Dura-Ace technologies to improve comfort and control, like an 11-speed rider tuned drivetrain, improved shifting performance and more braking power. Both groupsets share their true spirit of the sport. Where Dura-Ace focuses fully on professional race level, Ultegra brings race proven technology to cycling enthusiasts.

The dual control shifters give tactile feedback to the rider that the gear shift has been completed. With a shorter lever stroke and defined click engagement the shift is completed. The hoods and bracket grip are more compact, and the carbon lever has been redesigned to improve ergonomics and control.

Both derailleurs have also been completely redesigned. They are more compact, lighter, feature a shorter stroke at the lever and deliver more even shifting effort throughout the full range of the cassette. The new drivetrain makes shifting and braking as easy as possible so a rider can, concentrate on the ride, especially in tough conditions.

The new Ultegra 6800 series has 10% more braking power that its predecessor. The extra brake power results in enhanced control, especially from the hood position. This, in large, is as a result of the new symmetrical dual pivot design and the new brake shoe compound. Besides increased braking power, modulation is improved by using new polymer-coated BC-R680 cables. The Ultegra brakes are also available in a direct mount version for aerodynamics (BR-R6800).

Ultegra 6800 has a rider tuned drivetrain. Rider tuned means that riders can individually choose a large variety of gearing options for all kinds of riding, whether you ride races, Gran Fondo’s, sportives or cyclocross. The Ultegra cassette is going 11-speed. From 11-23T all the way to 11-32T. The Ultegra 6800 crank shares the same 4 arm design as its Dura-Ace counterpart. The 4 arms provide a better power transfer compared to a five arm design, and reduce overall weight. The crank is available in 53x39T, 52x36T, 50x34T and 46x36T.

The chain (CN-6800) with a new surface technology called Sil-tec. an advanced surface plating technology to increase performance. Recently debuted in the Dura-Ace 9000 chain, Sil-Tec technology adds a low friction surface treatment that runs smoother and lasts longer.

With Ultegra going 11-speed SHIMANO has developed an 11-speed wheel on Ultegra level, the WH-6800. This lightweight wheel has a wide flange hub and an offset rim for high rigidity and power transmission. It has a digital adjustment system and less quick release axial force for easy maintenance and cup & cone bearings for durability. Compatible in tubular, tube and tubeless. As with all SHIMANO wheels, the WH-6800 is 100% in-house produced and hand-assembled.


ST-6800 (set) : 425 Gram

RD-6800 (SS) : 195 Gram

RD-6800 (GS) : 207 Gram

FD-6800 (brazed type) : 89 Gram

FD-6800 (band type, size L) : 104 Gram

FC-6800 (53-39T with BB) : 765 Gram

CS-6800 (11-23T) : 212 Gram

CN-6800 (114L) : 253 Gram

SM-BBR80 : 77 Gram

SM-BB72 : 63 Gram

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