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Giant announce new Propel road bike

January 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

Designed with aerodynamics as the centerpoint of the brief, the new premium road bike from Giant has just been announced – the Propel.

With a number of innovative features, including what appears to be a V-brake style rear brake mechanism it looks very tasty indeed.  Here is what Giants marketing whizz kids came up with to go with the video.

Sprint finishes. Solo attacks. Breakaways. Proven through third-party wind-tunnel tests to be more aerodynamic from every yaw angle tested when compared to other leading aero road bikes, the Propel Advanced SL sets a new standard. Tests also showed that, at 40 kph, the Propel Advanced SL saves 12-36 seconds over 40 kilometers. With innovative new technologies including AeroSystem Shaping frame tubes and the SpeedControl SLR brake system — plus class-leading light weight and supreme steering and pedaling stiffness — the Propel Advanced SL is faster from every angle.

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